April, come she will. The workshop is still packed tight with cellos; made, half-made, restored, half restored. A highlight this month has been a particularly beautiful Vuillaume, which loyal ‘Strad’ readers will find more about in the next issue. Having lived peacefully now for several months without the constant torment that The Brompton’s Violin Book became, James Buchanan of Amati.com has come up with a jolly exciting new publishing project. I have learned nothing from experience throughout my life, so have once again thrown myself into this with complete stupidity. I mean committment. Details to follow…
In the meantime Super Hube is handling everything in the workshop with consummate ease, and is also learning to fly on days off in order to complete his set of SuperHube powers. The super-speed is very helpful, but he might have to be a bit more careful with the old heat-vision.
Planned events this month include commencement of the Gaspar Da Salo cello copy I have always wanted to make. As if we didn’t have enough toys to play with. The BVMA Stradivari Symposium at the Ashmolean to look forward to and prepare for. It is also varnish making time, this being now (and I have checked) the 21st century, and stocks from 1716 have run low.

Very best wishes to all.

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