October 2013

The highlight of this last month was a trip to Madrid to meet Jorge Pozas, violin maker and cellist extraordinaire, to examine a wonderful collection of Spanish violins. Some marvellous and sadly underestimated makers- Contreras, Ortega, Assenzio, Bofill. Beautiful Italianate style and full of personality. His book should be a real eye-opener. A lot of work, but Jorge is a dedicated man. And a great host! I didn’t go hungry. Or thirsty.
Back at home, SuperHube is back from summer break and teaching at West Dean College, so things are in full swing in the workshop. Another cello ready for the varnish cabinet, though apologies due to my client, who seems to have been waiting patiently for rather longer than I realised.


Also we have a splendid Gofriller for restoration, a lovely old basetto which has been horrifically cut-down in the past. It really hurts to see what has been done, the edges ruthlessly hacked off and reglued randomly some distance further in. Nothing much possible other than to neaten it up as much as we can and provide it with a more dignified and secure edge. Too late to restore it to it’s full, original size. The varnish is still gorgeous.





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