November 20013

Where to start? It’s been a very hectic month. I’ve seen more Stradivari cellos over the last weeks than anyone has a right to. Wonderful, wonderful things. Inspirational, but also terrifying. The Amati Auctions exhibition at the Lansdown Club in Mayfair was delightful- luxury setting (I could get used to that) and a fantastically friendly atmosphere. Great good luck to them. Working with the tireless and excellent John Milnes on writings, and I met Jan Roehrman, the fabulous fiddle fotographer, and the Archinto cello for the first time. In between, the workshop is busy- SuperHubert at the controls again, and wood being worked. Apologies to customers who have been kept waiting, but things should calm down over December (oh no they won’t…). One last cello to finish for this year, then a little holiday in January to make a little violin. Well, a normal sized one, but I need my glasses to see anything smaller than a viola these days. Cellos… Big. Beautiful. Hard work. But easier to see where you left them. Cheerio.


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