May 2013

Nose, knives and gouges to the grindstone this month. Super Hubert is suffering from exposure to Kryptonite and is on sick leave, Magic Eleanor has moved on to better things (at Christies. Hah. What have they got that I don’t?) so working away single handed. Cellos wait for no man, so busy gluing, scraping and varnishing.
As viola models go, the super Mori Costa at Sotheby’s (unusual, but lovely and original) appeals mightily as well. Given enough time, and less spent on this darn computer, there is no end to what can be done.
We celebrated the anniversary of Stradivari’s death in Cremona in 1987 and now the anniversary of his birth, in Oxford. I seem to be approaching this in the wrong direction. Things have changed incredibly in that short time, both inside and outside this profession, but the Maestro still dominates everything we do. At least I think so. And this is my website, so there.

Best wishes to all.

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