January 2013

It’s cold, but we have 5 cello projects to keep us warm. A Rugeri copy, two different Montagnana models and two ‘B’ form Stradivaris all in various stages. Have to keep checking the right neck goes with the right body or we might end up with some interesting mixtures. It’s nice to have a big pile of shavings to sweep up at the end of each day. Very satisfying. An enormous purfling making day lies ahead, as we need fresh supplies of the three types required.
Other than that, some work on an interesting viola, a Brescian model by Gulbrand Enger of Copenhagen dated 1869. Enger was a student of Vuillaume, and it shows. Very refined and professional work. It now has it’s neck reset and the new set-up seems to be working.

As a treat, a visit to the Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace this weekend, which is always a source of tools and materials that you’d never thought you might need. Plus the chance to play with toys. You never know- there might be a little gadget that will make purfling production a quicker and easier task….

Resolution for next month to learn how to put photos up on these pages. Since it doesn’t involve wood, glue or varnish, it’s all a little confusing for me.


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