August 2013


IMG_5384Getting to know more luthiers via Facebook lately- I am catching up with the 21st century. Another cello is in the sun lounge getting a nice tan. This one is a copy of Paul Watkins’ glorious sounding (or perhaps it is Paul who is glorious sounding?) Venetian cello, attributed to Sanctus Serafin and Montagnana. What a combination! It has been cut, which gives it a slightly odd character, but is now a very comfortable player-friendly instrument, without the intimidating bulk of a grand Montagnana. Paul is now playing the original in the Emerson Quartet, which means we won’t see so much of him here, sadly. The gorgeous Stradivari ‘Bass of Spain’, only for little while longer on display at the Ashmolean, is next on my list of challenges. Super Hubert off on hard-earned holiday now, leaving me to do all the sweeping up this month. Perhaps I won’t bother and see what a state we’re in when he gets back.


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