workshop 005 (2)

Order emerging from chaos in the workshop here. A visitor recently described the place as ‘a mess’, hastily correcting it to ‘a very creative mess’. Well, I know where everything is. But at odd times something emerges that I consider ‘finished’- a purely relative term- and it goes out into the world, which also seems to be in a bit of a mess, mostly.
There seems to be a sudden flurry of ‘media interest’ building up to the Ashmolean Stradivari exhibition later this month. Several journalists and researchers calling up for soundbites, but quickly put off by my over-earnest account of 400 years of violin making history. They just want to know the secret of Strad in two sentences or less. So I eventually gave in and told them. I’m not telling anyone else though…..
I notice with slight panic that varnish stocks are running low since my last brew in… 2006 it says here. Hmmm. So clear the decks, break out the esoteric liquors and oils, July is going to be boiling.

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