June 2017

I have been neglecting my blog. But all in a good cause. Busy in the workshop with two Guadagnini copies, a del Gesu copy and another Linarol viola model on the blocks, and a Strad model cello in the planning … Continue reading

November 2016

An old friend dropped by a few weeks ago. A Rugeri cello copy I made in 2000, and looking well and happy, I’m pleased to say. Last month I was in Cremona for the ‘Messie Study Day’, which was very … Continue reading

October 2016

I’ve just got back from Cremona where I participated in the study day devoted to the ‘Messie’, which is spending its 300th birthday in its home town for the first time since 1775. It has been CT scanned, inspected under … Continue reading

September 2016 Part 2

During restoration of the viola, I sent a small sample of the purfling to Kew for analysis, and it turned out to be walnut, possibly matching the Vienna violin. When the viola da braccia became obsolete in the seventeenth century, … Continue reading

September 2016

I’ve been neglecting this blog I’m afraid. Too many distractions. But the completion of my last commission for an American client has stimulated a few thoughts about the instrument from which it was copied. I restored the original viola many … Continue reading

April 2015

I see it’s six months since I updated this- lots of new projects have presented themselves, and some old ones at last completed. The restored Matteo Gofriller cello is back with it’s owner and in good voice again, and several … Continue reading

October 2014

A little deck clearing has been achieved; time to start new projects. A replacement scroll to be grafted onto a Gofriller cello, and scrolls for my new builds, a cello based on the Stradivari ‘A’ pattern, and a Maggini violin … Continue reading

August 2014

After several months when it seemed as if there was too much to do to keep up to date with posting here, it is very sad that the impetus for resuming is to make a tribute to Michael Byrd, my … Continue reading

March 2014

The last of the present run of cellos completed, with the vital assistance of Hubert de Launay and Lea Trombert. This is modelled on the ‘Gore-Booth’ 1709 Stradivari, the first great Strad cello I got to know, and still one … Continue reading

February 2014

Only just got in before the end of the month this time. Time seems to be on the flood just now, as is the river a few hundred yards way… and closing. Lots of exciting things happening professionally. I’m very … Continue reading